Saros provides expert blast consulting and vibration monitoring services to the mining, quarrying, construction and infrastructure sectors.

Saros provides sales, servicing and calibration to a range of monitoring and capture instrumentation as well as providing advanced enclosures to communicate to centralised web infrastructure via  mobile Internet solutions.

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Saros is an authorised Dealer/service agent for Instantel in Australia.  Visit Instantels web site

Instantel®, a member of Stanley Black & Decker, Inc, has been manufacturing ground vibration and air overpressure monitors for over 30 years, and have earned their position as the world’s most trusted monitor for regulated vibration and overpressure control. Instantel monitors are currently used in over 120 countries in various mining, construction, and geotechnical applications, which include: blasting in mining, quarrying and construction projects, pile driving, vibration studies, etc.

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The Micromate monitoring unit has four available channels: three for recording vibration on three planes and one for recording air overpressure or sound/noise levels.
Monitoring unit with 4 available channels: 3 channels for recording vibration on 3 planes and 1 channel for air overpressure or noise data

Saros also provides a range of custom remote, rugged encloses with mobile internet communications integrated with advanced power management/switching solutions.

SRMI (Micromate) System_2
For permanent monitoring situations a stainless steel enclosure with a tripod that is simple and quick to Install
SRMI (Micromate) Internals
Wall mount and pole mount versions of the permanent enclosure are also available with solar or permanent power solutions
MRU (Micromate)
For temporary/portable applications a rugged pelican case design is available with options for Extended battery life, remote mobile internet, and solar power.

Saros is an authorised Dealer/service agent for MREL Blasting Instrumentation Division in Australia.  Visit MREL website

MREL’s Blasting Instrumentation Division provides instrumentation for the use in the study of explosives and their effects. Applications include explosives velocity of detonation (VOD), detonator delay times, airblast overpressure, underwater pressure, dynamic strain, near-field vibration, firing times of blastholes, rock & stemming movement, and borehole condition inspection.

Blasts and their effects occur too quickly to be captured with standard speed video cameras. To see what you've been missing - you must record your blasts with high speed video.
High speed rugged, portable data capture of VOD, airblast overpressure, or underwater pressure of samples of explosives including cartridges, boosters, detonating cord, bulk explosives of all types, and military explosives.
Borehole Cameras ensure the condition of the rock is as expected.