Application Development

Saros provides expert blast consulting and vibration monitoring services to the mining, quarrying, construction and infrastructure sectors.

Saros application development services has evolved based on market demand for managing larger volumes of complex digital data across a wide range of environments, including cloud-based, distributed and parallel solutions.

Companies are burdened with trying to manage their digital data and report it in a relevant and effective manner. Saros has been providing application development solutions to customers since 2000.

Our services include:

  • Application Development - tailored software solutions for niche customer requirements
  • Data translation services, converting import streams from field devices into data that can be handled by Third Party Applications
  • Secure mobile Internet services with export to 3rd party applications
  • Development of java script/html applications
  • Data Visualisation
  • Report Customisation services
  • Data Integration Services - integration of data across operational systems
  • System Integration
  • Application support