About Saros

The right people, the right product and the right methodologies

Saros has provided professional and product services for over 19 years. Our service is niche and specialised in its technical capability focussing on quality, expertise and depth of experience.

We know that experience is important for delivering a quality service. The reason for our success as a business is largely due to our expertise and level of experience that we can provide to our customer projects. One of our core strategic tenets is 'Expertise = Results'. Another Saros strategic tenet is customer satisfaction, which is a critical focus as a successful service company.

Professional Services:

  • Drill and Blast Consulting
  • Vibration Consulting
  • Noise Consulting
  • Expert Witness Services
  • Advanced Modelling
  • Environmental Monitoring (Vibration, Noise, Air and Water)


  • Sales
  • Rentals
  • Service & Calibration
  • Applications and Data (Blasthub.com, Envirohub.com) for data analysis
  • Remote Monitoring solutions
  • Technical Services including repairs and calibration
  • Managed Services brings everything together