Saros provides expert blast consulting and vibration monitoring services to the mining, quarrying, construction and infrastructure sectors.


Envirohub.com is a configurable online environmental database with modules designed to simplify the monitoring and reporting of effects associated with blasting and construction activities.  In the construction field ground vibration generated from activities can be monitored with simple to use alarms and modules.  With blasting activities accurate records can be kept with GIS locations, resulting levels of ground vibration/air overpressure, fume/dust generation and simplified reporting.

Benefits and features include:

  • Inclusion of multiple types of continuous data capture devices including ground vibration, Air overpressure, Weather stations, fume and noise monitors
  • Recording of discretely recorded environmental results including dust deposition, water quality
  • Inclusion of photographs and videos
  • Incorporates time stamped photographical condition survey for construction activities around sensitive structures
  • Incorporates a range of import applications that allow the leverage of a secure mobile internet infrastructure with export functionality to 3rd party portals
  • Secure and centralise data management
  • Standardisation of blast monitoring records across multiple sites
  • Utilisation of standardised HTML, Java script means no setup/infrastructure costs
  • Interpretation and Analysis tools
  • Secure user-based access with the ability to limit access to sites and information types
  • Compatible with modern browsers on any data enabled device (laptops, desktops, tablets and phones)